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Yangxi’s HD Pro+ / HDPro Mini Review

by on Jul.19, 2010, under Reviews

HDPro+ / HDPro Mini

My review of the original HDPro media player already covered most of its constuction and feature set, however not for the mini version. So after a brief feature set update, I’ll get right to the performance. 

The fact is HDPro+ has no cosmetics changes from the original HDPro. Only the processor has been updated to a new 1073DD+. Supposedly able to decode truehd stream.

HDPro+ Back view Front view


HDPro+ Mini front Top view


The mini however is a sight to behold. Small and compact with a plastic mirror finishing the player really stands out with its good looks.

Back View Side View

The player has stand component, composite, esata, hdmi, usb host, two usb, fiber, and a network connection. It’s able to accept memory cards too on the side.


bottom view

Since the HDPro mini casing is small, the player is only able to accept 2.5” hard drive. However its is not able to accept 2.5” of 1TB size as the compartment too small to accept it.

Back to the big brother HDPro+. One grip i have about the HDPro+ is the hard drive compartment. In Order to access it you need to remove 7 screws. Totally a waste of time. Also i am afraid of always opening it to change drives, Don’t know how long the screw will keep its grip.

Removing back platesliding the casing hard drive tray & motherboard

After removing you need to slide the internal unit out. Thats it! HDPro+ does however give 4 screws in order to clamp down the hard drive in the player.

Back review HD cable connection

1.5TB Drives Installed Hard drive

No problem in placing drives of 2TB size. Player was able to recognize them.


Menu systems.

HDPro+ and HDPro Mini shares the same files system and firmware.

 Home Menu System File Copy

After starting the player you will start in the home menu system. In File copy system you able to manage the files inside the hard drive ie. delete files.

Browser Web sErvice

In browser menu system, the player will show you the contents of your sd-card, usb hard drives or internal hard drive. So it is here where you get to choose which file you want to play with.

In web service tab, if you are connected to a network, you will be able to cruise the internet or do a number of selected things with in built programs that is already installed.


Setup Menu



 Audio Menu Audio Selection

Spdif Selection

When you select audio tab you are able to change how the player is able to distribute the sound to your tv or a avr through fiber, hdmi or normal composite cables.

In HDMI choosing RAW will let the sound bitstream undecoded to a amp for it to decode in what source that is needed.

In LPCM dual On – analog stereo through HDMI

In LPCM Multi ON – analog multi channels through HDMI



Video menu Video 24Hz

Video Selection 

In video you able to control which resolution to display on.  I am not going into this too much as its exactly the specs as the old hdpro review.




Network menu

Again standard as the old review .. so go and read from there review……..

System & Misc Menu:-

System Menu System Menu

You can check you firmware version here and also update your firmware.

Misc menu Misc menu

Sounding like a parrot again… nothing major to report in this menu… so go and read from there review……..


Review and Peformance:-


Icons showing hard drive is connected

On the bottom of the screen there are some icons that will be lit up when certain products are connected. Very useful feature.

Browser menu system:

Browser file selection choosing a file

Quite simple in choosing the files to be played. Also if you selected preview in the setup menu in misc. Whenever a files is highlighted the movie will be played in a small box as preview what the files is.

file preview 


On the remote you can either press the number keypad, and if the file you playing have chapters, the media will move along to that chapter. Another is to click the search button on the remote. The playback search menu will pop out. Here again you can choose time or chapters.

chapter selectionplayback search



Info remote button:

Able to check what the name of folder, what format, which sound and resolution of file…

Info details Info details


you can choose the subtitles to be played if available



Playing Full Bluray Rips:

Yes you able to play full bluray rips, however it won’t have a menu system. The movie will play straight when you choose the file.  If the player cannot automatically choose the right mt2s file to play you will be able to enter browse folder mode and choose it for yourself.

In order to choose sound and subtitles (since the movie starts straight without menus) you can press the corresponding sound and subtitles remote button.


      Full bluray rips   Straight playback without menu

High Definition Sound:

From the old HDPro sound on choosing truehd sound for Kungfu panda full bluray rip you will get a unknow format. However the new HDPro+ is able to detect the truehd sound and downmix it accordingly. (but i guess its still work in progress as celine dion file didn’t work)

Bitstreaming (able to see the special blue logo for dtshd n truehd) is still the holy grail for the realtek processor, all i can say its still not there yet.  But Of course the HDPro+ and Mini is able to downmix the formats if you do not have the right equiment to play it.

 Truehd sound selected DTS sound selected

Image quality & file format

For high definition materials the HDPro+ and Mini played most of the files formats without a single problem. For image quality, I still prefer sigma chips quality, the realtek chips still bring pristine quality that most people will be very satisfied with.

DSC_0054DSC_0053DSC_0092  DSC_0104 DSC_0111 DSC_0112

DSC_0116 DSC_0117 DSC_0123 DSC_0130


DSC_0131 DSC_0134


I do really like this player. Its cheap and works out of the box straight away.  Compare with the AC Ryan media player which does the same thing I would choose this player instead.

Some problems with HD sounds, hard to access hard drive compartment is nothing major to complain about. 

With a good supply of firmware updates this player is quite a sound investment if you looking for a no frill player that works.


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