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Dune HD Smart D1 Review: Part 2

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Reviews

Welcome back! 2nd part of my review will be the working of the Dune HD D1. You can go back to part 1 of the review here … Dune D1 Review: Part 1.


So what can the D1 do.  Can it play the major files and than some. Lets looks at the various files now.

BDMV/ISO full bluray rip

BDMV or ISO files – YES!

BDMV Rip ISO rip


With full menu – YES!

Thin REd Line Menu

Able to choose HD sounds  – YES!

Sin city Audio

Able to choose different version of movies (Example 2 in 1) – YES!

Avatar Extended Apocalypse Now


Aliens Gladiator remastered

Able to see gadgets in menu – YES!

Kick Ass Gadget screen

Able to choose chapters in menu or while watching movie – YES!

Kick ass Aliens

 Kick ass in movie Apocalyse Now

Plenty of yes. I ran a number of BDMV/ISO and all ran flawlessly. In fact (might just be me) I find the D1 starts the movie faster than the old Dune Prime/Base and effortless. Again please check what firmware are you on before complaining to me that D1 is useless and doesn’t work as advertised. The Firmware version 100828_0034 is what I basing my review on.

What didn’t work for me was a bluray that was using Region B. I tried the old dune prime/base trick of clicking mute button 4 times and pressing number 1 2 or 3, but nothing work. However it seems this is the way to change region code, so I guess I might have over press it or was just to quick with the buttons.Region B !!! WTF!!!

Most of the features of a full bluray were available on the dune D1. If the disc has U-control all you need to push the direction key up on the remote and the control will pop out.


U-contro U-control pop up

You also able to change the subtitles on the fly while watching the movie by click the subtitle button on the remote as many times as you like until you reach to the subtitle you wanted. Or you could click "pop-up" menu on the remote and change it like what a Full Bluray machine does.

Subtitles english Subtitles maximus

Starting a Bluray BDMV/ISO Rip on the D1

Pick a file. Highlight it and press enter. Choose whether you want to play or enter the directory. Choose and press play.

Pick how you want to start

Movies starts. If you have internet, some disc will whether any files (gadgets) need to be updated.

checking for updates Waiting ..........

Waiting longer................. Start.........Yeeha

Menu will pop up where you are than able to choose languages chapter and extra materials.

Damn its that late.......


Nice shot of a ballon...

MKV file

I know this shot are from the same file but since MKV/AVI files are a must for any media player so I am not going to write anything else here unless the player can’t play them. If that the case I wouldn’t even want to review this player.

Didn’t have any problems with MKV or AVI at all.

MP4/Mov/TS/TP files

MP4 file  Mp4 file MOV file

All files played without problems. Might have a slight delay to start, but its quite normal for most players I have encountered.

Network Usage

Ok here I did have a problem running Full Bluray rip (bdmv/iso) and high bit rate files (mkv over 25mbit/s). I did encounter stuttering and loss of HD sounds. For BDMV/ISO or High Bit rate MKV I usually direct the media player to a hard drive set under the NFS protocol. SMB protocol forever has problems.

NFS Setup

When we use SMB this file below it has major buffer underruns. However with NFS no problem.

Buffer Underuns

When using NFS the two BDMV/ISO files had problems running. There was loss of sound and some stuttering.

Bit rate to high >?

Too high again?

It could be my network was having one of its cranky day. I will need further testing to let you know.

Update: Dune Prime/Base had no problem running this two files through the network. So i can say now that Dune D1 has problem accessing BDMV/ISO files on a network.


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5 Comments for this entry

  • yhsiau

    U need to apply the patch before using that region changing method.

  • Morten


    Just got a Dune HD Duo, and I am impressed by it so far, but there is one issue, I really have a hard time playing BDMV files from the internal hd.
    Maybe I am doing it wrong, but it is such a pain in the ass!
    I look for the moviefile in stream, and then it works, but I really thought I would get the menues and all the extra material!
    Can you help me out here???

    Thanks in advance!!


  • Bastiaan

    Did you used Wifi or lan? Because I’m about to order this one, but I’m pretty shocked because you say its stuttering…. Let me know

  • admin

    I haven’t been using the D1 lately so I do not know whether they improve their network access

  • admin

    You might not have downloaded the region crack for dune. As you probably know all bluray have region proprietry settings. REgion 1, 2 , 3 .. With the region crack on dune you be able to change on the remote whenever you want.
    so lets say you have tron region 1 bluray rip, however your dune region is set to region 2. You will not be able to play the bdmv rip with navigation menu unless you change the dune into a region 1 bluray machine.

    Try it … and let me know whether it solved it.. (sometimes the person ripping the bluray might be the problem too)

    download from here

    how to change region after patch on the remote
    - After that, it becomes possible to switch regions: on
    the main screen: press “Mute” button 4 times and then
    1 or 2 or 3 for Blu-ray region selection.
    -You can use the current patch to select DVD region as well… Press mute 3X and enter the 01 / 02 / 03 etc… depending on the region you want. Initially this patch does not change region for DVD, only offers selection of it…

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