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Dune HD Smart D1 Review : Part 3

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Reviews

Third part and conclusion of my Review of the Dune D1. You can go back to Part 1 or Part 2 here.

Network – TVersity or uPNP Features

Most of my FLAC music files are under the TVersity  media server which is able to be distributed by uPNP. I could open a browser on my ipad and the direct the browser to that server and I be able to play the files.

For Dune D1 I just need to go to the Network folder and click uPnP and I will be able to detect the files and play them. There are many other option for this to work, you don’t need to use TVersity but other solutions is possible too.

Choose server Choose format Choose song Small town song Flac specs

Network – Radio Stations Internet

If you able to find internet radio station that you like to listen you able to configure the dune D1 to play it.  Google how.

Radio Internet Radio Internet specs

Internet Browser

By clicking on the url button on the remote or the browser icon you be able to activate a full browser to cruise the internet (if you are connected)

I did not try plugging in a keyboard or a mouse. But I did manage to use the remote to type and presto google pop out. After that I was not able to do anything else without a keyboard or probably mouse which I didn’t bother to try. I was not sure whether it was able to play youtube website with video. That will be left for another day. To exit browser click stop on the remote.

Browser opening dune homepage Refresh

Player will display browse when in browser mode

Remote Control

Click on the remote the two small interloping square at the top of the remote will give you deinterlacing mode. There four choices for you to pick. Constant blend, BOB, Off, Motion Adaptive.  I choose "off" as 720p 1080p files doesn’t use them.

Click the zoom button will give 8 choices. I choose "off" as default.


Fast forward or rewind is the same as the Dune Base/Prime. You can either click P+ or P- for 10minutes. Up and Down for minutes or Left and right direction keys for seconds.

You can click on numbers for searching by percentage. Example press "2" for 20% in the movie.

Jump 20% by pressing 2 on the remote

Red button will adjust audio sync correction

Audio sync

Green Button will adjust Pal sound speed correction. I find this option works when spoken sound and video does not match when watching mkv or avi.

Pal Sound correction

Hitting the audio button on the remote will change, if and when, available sound encoding found on the media file. Like wise the subtitles too.

Subtitle Audio

HD Sound

Dune D1 is able to bit stream HD sound to a waiting AMP. DTS-HD/MA or TrueHD logo will gloriously displayed on your AMP for all to see. No picture of the famous blue logo though because it everywhere on my website.

DTs HD 7.1 True HD

Of course if you do not have a service of Amp you can also let the Dune D1 decode for you and send it analog to your TV speakers.

What I Dislikes

Although the casing was pretty sleek and well built i did not like that I need to remove three screws to insert a Hard drive.

Network Playback has problems. (HIBIT files and BDMV/ISO)

USB 3.0 ports. Where is it………? We are not dealing with MB now.. Terra Terra…..! I am only disapprove of the USB 2.0 ports because of the internal hard drive.  Try moving 2TB of data to the internal hard drive using the USB2.0 ports, and because of the three screws to remove the casing, its tedious.




Well what can I say. Dune has release another keeper this time. Pricing is good and most importantly is able to play everything I fed it.  What else do you need?

How about a working network. Hmmm what other machine has a workable network solution? I wonder? In time there will be a fix or maybe not. You can always run all your files through a USB docker or box.

Apart from that all I can say this player deserves your attention. A premium media player has become somewhat affordable. Dune has made a player that will arrive on your doorstep with all guns blazing.



Return to Part 1 or Part 2  of the review here.


Photos & videos


box side view Box Front view

Back motherboard Front motherboard Opening box Whats included in the box

warniong Aliens

brothers top view

classic moment apocalypse now going into a bluray rip directory choosing files to play in a bluray rip

Aliens menu Gladiator menu


Inception Extraction


14 Comments for this entry

  • chryzaor

    Hi there. thanks for the good review. how convenient is the
    D1 to play MP3 music through LCD display (browsing folders)when TV
    is off? it is impossible to find a video/picture of the D1 LCD
    screen functionalities on the net. ++

  • admin

    After the latest beta update for iPhone remote control I am able to control mp3 files using only the dune led built in screen. It’s quite easy although it’s viewing one file or folder at a time.

  • smndwns

    Fantastic review. I went and got myself a D1 yesterday. BUT I’m having a problem with Blu-Ray ISO’s. I have just received the two newset Blu-Rays from Studio Ghibli in Japan and I have them on an external HDD in AnyDVD ripped iso format (keeping the protection). The HDD is formatted in NTFS. The D1 detects the iso and starts to load it but then gets stuck on “loading disc”. I have system storage installed but it’s not working.
    Any suggestions?
    Could it be that the HDD is NTFS and not Ext2/Ext3?
    Is it because they are new discs?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • schiggy

    good review! did they fix the networking? it’s really important for me to play images via lan. did you use cable or wifi?

  • Jules

    I have connected up my internal WD 1TB hard drive inside my Dune HD Smart D1. Disk shows up on my setup menu OK and I carried out a format no problem. I plugged in a cable between my PC and the USB slot and nothing shows up! Did you have this problem?

  • Jules

    Sorry that should have been USB Slave port not USB slot.

  • admin

    you need to remove protection and probably change region code

  • admin

    the problem is you let dune d1 format the drive for you.. which will be in ext2/ext3 format .. if you want windows to see it you need to download a add on to windows in order for windows to read it .. usually i format the drive to ntfs and than place it into the d1 as i do not use torrents or other features on it…

  • Geert

    I’ve read somewhere that there is only read support for NTFS. Quite ridiculous if you know that r-w drivers for linux already exist for ages…
    Also, same site (can’t remember which) mentionned that there is no chapter support for mkv. Have you tried that?
    Also, does it play internal subtitles in mkv ?

  • Addict

    Thanks for the fantastic review.

    I have a question. Is there a button on the remote control that can play all the photos or music files in a folder? I noticed that there is a select button but it could not select all the files at the press of a button.

  • Memoria SD

    thanks for the review.
    I would like to connect my blu-ray using HDMI to Dune HD and connect Dune HD to my TV using component output. On your experience will it work at 1080p?

  • admin

    component will not be in 1080p

  • dennis

    Hi, many thanks for a nice long, in depth review!

    may i just ask, what the display can show when playing an MKV or avi – is there a time count or similar or just title name. many thanks

  • admin

    the led front display hour:minutes:seconds of file you playing …

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