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Yangxi HDPro R1055 Review

by on Dec.21, 2010, under Reviews

Life sometimes need to be simpler, why should we suffer all the headaches and problems just in getting a media player to work.  Some of us just don’t need all the bells and whistles of a network connection, internal hard drives and multiple connection which we will never used.

Just like the WDTV of old, HDPro has come out with a simple solution. Bare bones machine that get the job done.

HDPro 1055 Front View

Using the new Realtek Chipset 1055DD and processor speed of 500mhz this barebone player has its work cut out to impress me.

Top View Back View


Looking at the back of the media player you find a set of component, composite, coaxial, optical HDMI, USB Host (I don’t really know why they need a host here when there’s no internal hard drive), a USB connection and a on & off switch. In the front there’s two more usb connection and a memory card reader.

Again there’s no internal hard drive (and looking at the amount of screws to open the unit thank god).

Menu System

Movie Tab Photos Menu Music Menu File Manager Setup

Menu was fast and responsive


System Menu


System SElections


Audio Menu HD sounds

You able to set the HDPro to decode HD sound to stereo or bitstream raw data to AMP to play DTSHD/MA or TrueHD


Video menu Tv system selection



Misc Selection version info

You can update your firmware here and information on the media player too.

Remote Control




The HDPro is able to play most of the files that I had tested with it. They are MKV, m2ts, AVI, MOV, TS, ISO,FLV.  Others files that I didn’t test were rmvb,rm,SWF, flv.

However there there is problem that I didn’t like about this player.  Whenever you plug a hard drive into it, the player will take a few seconds to scan it for what movies files its able to play and place them into the movies tab.

File manager Reading 8TB Hard drive box

Sure you can go to file manager tab, but file manager tab will not be able to give bd-lite for full bluray rip (BDMV format)

BDMV files Choosing the right m2ts files

So if you in file manager you need to go into the BDMV folder and find the starting file which is excruciating super fun, not! If you however have all your bluray rip in ISO I don’t think you will face this problem.

MKV AVI selection in movie tab

Ok everything is not bad if you have only mkv or avi or small files. Scanning is fast and when you go into movies folder or file manager everything is there. However when you have a 2TB hard drive full of BDMV, its better to take a gun and shoot yourself. I tried it on a 8TB Hard drive storage and the machine just kept scanning and scanning and scanning.

When you are playing full bluray rips (bdmv or iso) you will not have a menu but it will start immediately without fuss. Some of us will like this feature.

You can actually off the auto scan in the setup menu or clicking the stop button in front menu. However if you were to do the first choice only file manager is able to use.

Scan Storage tab Press stop to stop scanning

I however did not face any lags or stuttering in playing most of the files that i tested on it.

Another thing I like about the player is its ease in playing FLV files. Downloaded a few FLV files from youtube and place them in the hard drive. Directed the player to play it and it played without problems. 


I did manage to bitstream all HD sounds to the AMP. TrueHD, DTSHD/MA proud blue logo was shining without a problem.  However some PCM bitstream had problem running to the AMP.

Since there is no starting menu for choosing sound on a bluray, you are able to choose sound by clicking on the audio remote button and choosing.

Normal mkv files that have embeded HD sounds will also be decoded properly to the amp.

DTS sounds DTSHD sounds


You are able to click on the subtitles button to choose subtitles and modify how it looks. This is quite impressive




You click on the Left and right cursor button to move back or forward to the scence you want. However for some big files the action was very difficult to do.

SEarch using left and right arrow

Which leads me to the 2nd choice which is the goto button. When you click it you able to type in the minutes or seconds inside the movie and chapter search if there’s any.  For m2ts files chapters are not possible, however if you able to run full bluray bdmv or iso chapter will be available.

search using goto button

Picture Quality

The colors of the file playback were very good. In fact I find it much better than the old 1073 chipset. But there were some lacking in sharpness.


The player sell around US$70 (RM200) which should be very attractive for a no frills player that plays almost every files possible. Simple plug and play without even worrying about more advance aspects of bigger and more expensive media player.

I foresee this players will run mostly on those 2.5" external hard drives or 2TB 3.5" external hard drives filled with all files except BDMV format bluray rips.

This player would be even more attractive if it can reach below RM200, but for now, if you able to afford it at this price you can’t go wrong in the amount of media files its able to playback. No Headache No worries.



Scanning huge hard drives with BDMV bluray rip will take ages and have problems.




Major file formats playable.

Able to decode (step down) or bitstream HD sounds



Red Dude

africa Helicopter wind fire







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