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AppleTV: A natural extension of Apple media products: Review

by on May.18, 2011, under Reviews

Sorry have been neglecting this website for sometime now. Hopefully I be able to find more time to update and review products in the future.

Well me AppleTV arrive in the mail a month ago and upon opening the box was surprise how tiny it was. 

You got Parcel Back of box



Very neat and nice packaging as usual from Apple. 

Upon opening the box you find the tiny AppleTV player, A swanky remote and power cables.

AppleTV and Remote Back of the AppleTV

At the back of the player there’s a network port, hdmi port, and a digital port. There no buttons on the player itself. The front has small led light to inform a user when the player is on.

After plugging the Appletv to my Amp, first thing was to switch the player on. Any buttons on the remote will do that. (but even if you had power in the power cables the Appletv will turn on by itself)


First time activation if the player is not connected to your network via a network port a screen will pop up telling you which wireless connection would you like to connect to…Choose the network and key in the password and you done.

Network Choosing Key In Password

Heres the Home menu

Internet Screen IMG_3006

Turning on your home sharing share to access to your media files and photos on your itunes.

Accessing Home sharing Itunes SErver access

Using the AppleTV

The features I like most is the youtube access and the movie trailers channel.  But that was not the major reason to buy a appletv.  You  mean accessing movies and tvshows from itunes, nope I have a dune media player just for that. So what else.

Two things, the ability to access my music files and photos on itunes streaming to my Amp and than plasma or LCD.  You just can’t imagine the beauty of all your itunes songs at the touch of a button on the remote scrolling beautifully on your huge plasma/lcd tv. And after picking your songs, waiting a few minutes screen saver of all your photos popping out and dancing around on the screen.

And the most important reason is the power to stream photos, music, videos from my iPad/Iphone/Itouch/Ipad wirelessly to my amp and plasma/lcd tv. Apple call it AIRPLAY. This pretty much seal the deal for me to purchase the appletv.




Simply wonderful. All this from the comfort of your comfy chair.


I can go on and on about the other features of the Appletv and why you should buy one. But I am not. This is because AirPlay and the access to your media itunes database is the reason in itself to purchase one.

To me the AppleTV as a media player might not be the best of them. But if your world revolves around apple products, AppleTV is a no-brainer.

Plus Points

+ price

+ Small


+ Youtube/Movie trailers channel

+ AirPlay

+ Screensaver for your photos

+ easy updates

Negative Points

- No power button on the player itself

- Not able to play MKV or access other Hard drives. (unless jailbreak)


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