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DuneHD Firmware update : 110511_2007_beta

by on May.24, 2011, under News

Sometimes miracles do happen. There’s actually somebody listening to your prayers. Take for example this latest firmware update for Dune media players. Somehow most of the stuff that were so obviously missing from it has miraculous  appear in the new firmware. 

Lets get to the nitty gritty first. The new firmware (beta) supposedly work for only this models.

- Dune HD Ultra
- Dune HD Mini
- Dune BD Prime
- Dune HD Center
- Dune HD Base
- Dune HD Base 2.0
- Dune BD Prime 3.0
- Dune HD Base 3.0
- Dune HD Max
- Dune HD Smart H1
- Dune HD Smart D1
- Dune HD Smart B1
- Dune HD Duo
- Dune HD Lite 53D

So if your models are in the list go ahead and update your player, either via auto update or downloading it from here

If you need to see the full changes list please click here ttp:// to read them as I am only going to cover some of them here.

First Miracle

Added support for chapters in MKV files.
  – "PREV"/"NEXT" RC buttons allow to switch between chapters.
  – The OSD menu ("POP UP MENU" RC button) allows to see the list of
    chapters and switch to the desired chapter.
  – When the playlist contains multiple MKV files, chapters are also
    detected and used for each MKV file (the detection is performed when a
    MKV file starts to play for the first time). The OSD menu groups all
    chapters by the corresponding files.

Wow our prayers have been answered.  I don’t understand why Dune took so long in introducing this feature. The old super Dvico had them. 

So now if the MKV movies you have installed in the hard drives have properly segmented chapters in it, when you press "pop up menu" on the remote a list will appear showing you the chapters just like a DVD/Bluray.


Second Miracle

Added support for CUE-sheet playlist files.
   – When playing an audio file, is there is an associated CUE-sheet file
     (should have the same filename as the audio file, but with ".cue"
     extension), the CUE-sheet file is automatically used.
   – "PREV"/"NEXT" RC buttons allow to switch between tracks.
   – The OSD menu ("POP UP MENU" RC button) allows to see the list of
     tracks and switch to the desired track.
   – When the playlist contains multiple audio files, CUE-sheet files are
     also detected and used for each audio file (the detection is performed
     when an audio file starts to play for the first time). The OSD menu
     groups all tracks by the corresponding files.
   – Also added support for built-in CUE-sheets in FLAC, APE and WavPack

We getting to sainthood soon with so many miracles. 

If and when you rip a cd into a cue sheet format One large Flac file. In the old ways, you had to click on the Large flac file and  it will just play as is. You will not be able to choose song 5 in the Flac so you had to listen from song 1 to song 50, one shot. (can use time search but how difficult is that)

But now all you have to is click "PREV"/"NEXT" on the remote to go to the next song. WooHOOOOOO!!!!


Third Miracle

Improvement in the subtitles detection in MKVs. I have been noticing that Dune was having problem in detecting multiple subtitles in a file. However with this new update problem seem solved. (minor miracle still have some problem with some media files)


Forth Miracle

Again improvement in MKV Multiple sound stream detection..


Fifth Miracle

* Completely new graphical interface.
   – New background image, new icons, more advanced graphics for all GUI
     elements (glasses, dialogs, controls, OSD, etc).
   – Animation effects.
      – NOTE: it is recommended to use 50/60Hz video mode as the default
        video mode in order to ensure smooth animation.
      – NOTE: animation effects can be disabled in Setup / Appearance.
   – Improved text look.
      – The space between characters and the width of whitespace character
   – Ability to create and install custom GUI skins.
      – More information:
   – Ability to switch GUI skins on-the-fly.
      – GUI skins can be switched via the setting "Setup / Appearance /
        Skin", or via "B" RC button on the main screen (and also via "ZOOM"
        RC button on any screen).
      – Several GUI skins are included into the firmware.

Very impressive in introducing new GUI to the machine. Yeah other machine might have this feature, but Dune obviously listen and was willing to do a major update in their product lines. Included with this firmware were a few new skins. It is possible to add more but i have not tried.

Also some people have complain about slowness in selecting folder in the new GUI.  This is because animation is activated. If you wanted to go in to setup and off the animations.

Added to were widgets features. Although limited now (just showing weather, time and temperature on the right corner) I am guessing big thing to happen in the future with more widget in the works or not.

Sixth Miracle

* Various other user interface improvements.
   – Added more predefined icon-based view modes for folders: 3×2, 3×3,
     4×2, view modes with right panel.
      – "Extended list" view mode is renamed to "List with right panel".
   – Added the ability to quickly switch between view modes by pressing "A"
     RC button.
      – Debug dump function (which was previously available via triple
        press of "A" RC button) is now available via tripple press of
        "PAUSE" RC button.
   – "Add to favorites" function can be quickly called by "D" RC button.
   – "Copy" and "Paste" functions can be quickly called by "B" and "C" RC
   – The help line at the bottom of the screen indicates currently
     available shortcut RC buttons ("A", "B", "C", "D", "POP UP") and their
   – When launching the playback, "ENTER" RC button now works as "PLAY" by
     default, i.e. builds a playlist consisting of all items in the current
     folder and starts the playback of the currently selected item.
     Usually, this improves the conveniency when the folder contains
     multiple items (e.g. photos, music files, series, links to Internet
     radio stations, links to TV channels, etc). The old behavior (do not
     build the playlist, play just the selected item) can be restored via
     settings (see "Setup / Advanced / File Browser").
   – The current folder path at the top of the screen is now always shown
     as just single line (with scrolling when the path is too long).
   – Bugfix: "TOP MENU" RC button did not work in some Setup screens.

Yeah the old way choosing the media files were so boring. Only a few views. With this new update you have tons of choices to choose which way you need to view the files before choosing them.

Other smaller miracle to mention:

You are now able to run multiple files one at a time automatically without choosing them one by one.  What do I mean here. Well lets say you playing a CD music rip on the Dune. Last time when I played song number 1 after the song finish it ended. Where’s song number 2. Well now Dune player will play the next song immediately after the first song.



I am impress! This new firmware has made the Dune a player to be reckon with (bye bye dvico 6500a).  If you still have the old firmware, updating it, will be like having a totally new machine. A already very good machine has been improved even further.

Whoever was listening Thank You!!!!


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