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Yangxi V10 Review

by on Jun.30, 2011, under Reviews

Yangxi V10 with new processor 1185

Yangxi V10 Media Player


Front and bottom view

Got my hands on a new realtek player with the 1185 processor. Sure there are tons of players out there but that’s why I am here to differentiate them from the rest, for you.  First thing off this I can tell you this player is really fast, it makes my dune, and other player like a slow snail. Every action that I was accessing or using was very snappy quick. Most of the media files that I used with the played without any hitch.

video formats

MKV, M2TS, Real Player, TS, avi, Flac, mp3 had no problems being player.. even ISO bluray or bluray bdmv rip played without problems. However the player will not be able to display menu in java, accept for menu 1.0. And unless you let the player scan your hard drive, if you were to pick iso bluray or bdmv blruay rip files you will need to manually look for the largest m2ts file to play.



Realtek 1185DD @ 500mhz..
Must be the reason why everything is so fast new design and faster chip…


256MB DDR2 SDram, 256MB Nand Flash program memory 


Optional Removable internal 3.5" sata  harddrive

Side View with removable Drive

Steps to install hard drive.

1. Pinch 2. Pull 3. Place drive in the plastic caddy Inside view : Sata Connections

Very simple just by pinching the two button at the side and pulling the tray out you can place a Hard Drive into the player. SATA connections with built in power included in the casing itself. You just need to push the Hard drive into the SATA ports.



Back View
Video output

HDMI 1.3
YPbPr Output
Composite Video

Audio Output

RCA stereo

S/pdif Optical and coaxial digital audio

Audio Pass through HDMI. With a corresponding AMP to attached to,uncompressed HD sound will be able to be decoded by your amplifier.


10/100m/1000m ethernet


2 x USB 2.0 Host, 1 x Usb 2.0 slave

Remote Control

Remote Control

I find the remote control overly sensitive to my touch. Sometimes you can accidently press something else that I didn’t want to or just by touching the button.

Menu system

The menu was very responsive and fast.

- Home

Home menu

Standard affair here for realtek players.

- File manager

File manager View

The problem with the player is that if you were were to plug in a Hard drive external or internal and requested for the player not to scan the HD you will only be able to find all the files here. 

Most realtek player if you do not scan the HD you will not be able to play ISO or BDMV Bluray rip immediately from the movie menu or this file manager menu. You will need to run it by looking for the indiviual file (m2ts). For Example…

Media Devices View Bluray bdmv choosing individual files

But luckily this machine is so fast at doing things letting it scan just take a few seconds.

- Movies

Movies Menu

Here’s is where you go when you let the V10 media player scan your HD to search for playable movie files…Nothing will show here unless you let the V10 do a scan of the HD.

If you scan the hd already click a bdmv or iso bluray rip will immedialtely play the movie without you having to indivually look for a the biggest file (m2ts).

Also ISO or BDMV rip (BD menu 1.0 not java) will display a Navigation menu.

Bluray menu


- Music

Music menu 

Here’s is where you go when you let the V10 media player scan your HD to search for playable music files…. Nothing will show here unless you let the V10 do a scan of the HD.

- Photos

Photo menu

Here’s is where you go when you let the V10 media player scan your HD to search for playable movie files…Nothing will show here unless you let the V10 do a scan of the HD.

- Internet

Internet screen

Basically a place where if you able to connect to the internet, you can use built in apps of various internet sites for you view pleasure. Works efficiently.

Youtube app Youtube search

- Setup

Setup menu setup menu with sub menus


 System Settings System settings

The only thing to mention here is the "scan storage" setting. You can choose auto, off or on. Since the player is fast just leave it on.


Audio Settings


Video Settings

If you plug the player hdmi to a amp than to the tv, the "deep color" setting might give you problems. If you do have a problem just set this setting to off. (problems with no picture coming out when machine is activate)


Network settings


Misc settings

You be able to check your firmware version here and also network details. Upgrading is simple. After downloading a new firmware on your PC, place it on USB memory stick in the root.  Go to this menu and click on USB upgrade and let the machine run.


USB Upgrade screen Upgrading process

Firmware update version 

Network Info

Network info


Again the V10 Player is really fast to a point that you be easily impress. The ease of use was also a pleasing factor. Most of the files I access played without any problems and run almost instantly.

Audio selection in Movie Choosing subtitles

Audio button on the remote will give more options on what High Definition sound the media has.

Goto selection Goto selection

"Goto" feature did not have any delay in searching your favourite scenes.

Video quality selection  subtitle settings

Subtitles menu had the normal flare of a realtek players. Nothing to shout about but still love the way there are so many easy access settings to play with


Image quality

Image are somehow soft to my eyes.  It might be the realtek chip style of decoding the files but I don’t find the picture popping out like I do with the the sigma chipset. But still some of the bluray rip like animation, was quite stunning to the eyes.

sound of music bluray samsung test bluray

 Rango Sound of music


Sound Quality

Playing flac files

Sound was very good to the ears especially when playing dts-hd , ma movies or flac music. As its lossless and all digital goodness being transferred to the amp, i couldn’t tell any problem from just listening to it.

Also if you have embedded image files into the music media files it will be displayed.



Accesing network files Accessing network Folders

Normally I don’t bother doing a network test with realtek players since they don’t have NFS support. However since this player was so smooth and fast to use I decided it wouldn’t be so much a trouble. After accessing my master server and started playing standard MKV AVI files, they All played without any problems. Was very simple at accessing too.

Than I stepped up to even higher Decoded files 720P and 1080P MKV, TS, TP and surprise, surprise it ran without a hitch. Easily I was lost watching and Interacting with the player without realizing that I was still using the V10 instead of my normal Dune media player. It’s a natural at playing media files that I thought I was still using the Dune. 

Dune with Mp4 files had a slight delay at playing the files but the V10 just kept on banging them like nobody business instantly. Search to different scenes was effortless too, not like the dune which also had some delay searching.


Ok the thing I didn’t try was full bluray rip or iso from a network as again the problem crops out. How is the V10 going to scan the network drive. I don’t think its possible. So in order to play full bluray rip or ISO on a network you will need the individual m2ts files ready for you to activate.


Bluray BDMV or ISO

BLuray menu bluray menu

Repeating a earlier observation. In order to play bluray rips with Navigation menu, the media needs to be in BD menu form version 1.0. You do need the player to scan the Hard drive before running this kind of files. If the media rips has bd menu version higher than ver. 1 or in java the files will just play instantly without any Navigation menu.


For around RM350.00 ($100 US) this player can do no wrong. Ok the picture might be a tad to soft for my liking or the remote might be just to overly sensitive, but other than that its hard to find any other faults to bring this player down.

The speed of the machine, cruising the menus and playing the media files instantly is just so satisfying. You don’t have to pull you hair out in waiting for files to be played. And network was a breeze

Being a realtek player and having so many competitors around, you should seriously look at this player if you thinking of buying one. The ease of use made my day.



+ Speed, Speed, Speed

+ Network


- Flimsy remote

- Picture soft

- Navigation menu for java or higher version not possible


8 Comments for this entry

  • Deric


    I’m looking for a media player which support HD movies, would this Yanxi V10 a good choice for me? Where can I get it if I wished to get one?

    Can this player workable with my Sony KLV-40BX400 LCD TV? I tried once with AVF HD Player, but it seems cannot support..


  • admin

    Does its job well.. you can get the player from this seller here =

  • Deric

    I saw there is another model V8 in your webpage, what is the difference? Which one do you recommed? Both also can use external HDD?


  • colim98


    Mind to share did you face any audio out of sync issue on this player?

    I am starting to get this annoying problem on my old Diyomate S6T (I think you did the review of it too).
    The movie file has no problem to play on PC, but on player the audio will out of sync.


  • Josh

    Hi, do you deliver to neighboring SINGAPORE?

  • Gerrit

    Tried the firmware on my (not so compatible)Realtek 1185 player. The GUI is superb and blazing fast! Also flipping through files is great. If you want a mediaplayer – buy this one!!!!

  • carpathia

    can the v10 read from a 2TB hdd ? hows the player temperature when running WITH a hdd inside it?

  • ashotiwoth

    you were on what LAN? 100mbps or Gigabit LAN? :)

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