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Yangxi V12 Review

by on Feb.15, 2012, under Reviews


Popcorn A-300, Dune Prime 3.0 and Yangxi V12

The market is flush with tons of media of players. Some were great in the beginning and falter at the end.  It might take months before a player will show it real colors so my review sometimes might not spot problems in the players instantly, but I do try. (in fact i should have a long term results page for players)

If you notice the picture above I have my trusty Dune Prime 3.0 player in there and above the new Popcorn A-300 (which I will be reviewing soon after extended test) and the Yangxi V12. Today I be looking at the V12.

Using the Realtek 1186DD+ chip, with speed of around 750Mhz & 512MB DDR3 memory, the player has included a Andriod OS system, Web APPS and 3D capabilities.  I do not have a 3D TV no neither have a 3D media file but I will try to test that on a later date.


Dumb media players are getting smarter as the years go by. More and more are introducing features that were once impossible to find in any players. Andriod Operating systems, Games, streaming tv & movies and so on, it  is not only a norm but a must for new player out there.

Sure the realtek players are hardy machines, they play most of the format out there and practically don’t fail so easily.  But their OS (operating system) or menu system sometimes call for more functionality.

With the Yangxi V12 player is the same old, same old again but with added touches that might actually be enough for you to upgrade to a new one.  We will see!


Video Formats

V12 Promises to play all major formats. Even possible 3D files (left and right or Up and down format rip)

side box specification 3D marketing




750Mhz 1186DD+ REaltek Chip


512MB DDR3 Ram


HDMI 1.4A USB 3.0


Front view


Remote control



Hard Drive removable is easy as 1,2,3……

Side view with removable hard drive  removable drive slot open

back View

Three USB slots (I love players with a USB slot on the side) and a USB 3.0 more for transferring files from pc to internal hard drive.

Component outputs, composite outputs, Co-axial & Optical outputs, 10/100/1000 network port, HDMI ports. Other connection optional wireless networking.


Menu System


File manager file manager options

File manager

The file manager is the place I usually go to access my media files. The new file manager for the V12 has some pleasant surprise. A part from accessing your USB Hard Drive, Internal Hard drives, Network Hard drives and UPNP (DNLA) devices there a added feature of fast NFS network connection.


If you can (and if you have tons of media spread in many hard drives) you should go to settings and off auto scan of hard hard drives. I think this feature slows down the machine and its a unnecessary with the use of file manager.

media file view

Also for the life of me I didn’t like how the files were in folder or icons format. I couldn’t find a way to change in list format. However there were no slow down in scrolling through hundreds of media files.

One thing I did like about this icon feature is if you have a JPG picture in the folder the folder will show you a image of it at the folder. Like this

ICONs with jpg in the folder

All four hard drive were also detected upon plugging a external 4 HD bay to the V12 USB ports




Movies Option Music Option

Photo Option Favourites Option

Movies, Music, Photo & Favorites

These are only use if you let the V12 scan you hard drives.  Usually I don’t use it and off this service. Favorites are files you can bookmarked to be favorites so as easier access. Don’t to go searching for it.



Premium apps Streaming or internet apps

Sino apps optins activating a app

Premium Apps

We come to one of the pluses of the V12. Premium Apps. Not as much streaming service found here in this device as seen in other models however its most likely content dependent on the supplier.  I find that youtube is a must for all new machines.  Streaming movies, radio stations, news are major pluses if available and there are some found in the device.


Andriod Apps & Web Browser

Andriod OS app Web browser option

Andriod OS Gigantic calcultor

Another game changer in media devices. Andriod Operating system. In V12 we find andriod version 2.2.  The andriod can be use as V12 operating system too instead of the default. When activated either by upon booting or by clicking the app menu a full blown Andriod OS system will pop up.  You able to add games and other software into the Andriod OS but I didn’t have the resources to do it.

Andriod settings options V12 browser

There are two ways to browse the internet on the V12. Inside the andriod OS or The web browser app found on the menu system. Optional USB keyboard or mouse will be able to make navigation easier.



System setup System setup

System setup

System Setup

Here is where you find the option to turn of the irritating SCAN Storage. Other than that all basic options are here.



Audio Option Surrond sound HDMI Output sound

Audio Setup

Changing sound from downmix to passthrough can be found here. Lip Sync option is another new feature found on the V12 Audio Setup.



Audio option TV system option Deep option

Video Setup

Changing from NTSC or PAL, 1080P to 720P, 50HZ 60HZ and 24hz are all found here. The deep color I usually set to OFF. I do that because I find that most problems to do with this realtek device and a TV system always come from this feature.  So if you find your video is not appearing or sound just get scramble off it.


network option version infomation Misc Option Advance option

Network & Advance Setup

You able to set manual or DHCP base network IP Address from this options. Also you can find torrent downloading setup here to. Although I never tried it before.

In advance setup you can find out what firmware version you have and set other misc stuff to find tune the device.



Image Quality

The V12 creates beautiful pictures. They ere sharp and contrasty with excellent picture production.

Sound Quality

As my sound are decoded by my amp so I can’t really tell if there a any subtle difference.



Network folders were easy to find and setup. Normal network accessing files and playing ran fine.  Of course with SAMBA high transfer rate files through network had problems. This is why they introduce NFS network option. I was very glad they have this feature and was eager to try it.

NFS Computer search NFS folder search

NFS folder

But at last it didn’t work as advertised. You able to access a NFS folder through this feature and I had no problems running 1080P 720P Flac files over it. Playing a full bluray through a network work with menu opening however on playing the file tons of stuttering.

UPNP (DNLA) also played without any problems. Although it was slow but I deduce it could be my DNLA server was causing that.


Media Playback

Now to the important part of the device. Playback.

Problems is when you playback MP3 or media files that has some sound decoding through bitstream to amp. The files played but there were no sound. However if you were to downmix (LPCM) the files play OK with sound.

Important files played without any hitch. (MKV, ISO, M2TS, TS)

This mp4 file could play without sound

Its no able to play huge flac albums decoded with 5.1 surround sound from cue files. However normal Flac with cues ran smoothly.

Music files play without screen saver

What I didn’t like was that when running music files there were no screen saver.


Subtitles , even those that were rip directly from a bluray, show up without any problems.

Search was also easy using the magnifying glass button on the remote. If possible you can search by time, chapters or title.


Bluray startup option

When playing full Bluray rips its possible to choose to directly play it without menu, play with menu (although bluray with advance menu system will not be able to show a menu and will start straight away) and play from a folder by finding the largest m2ts file.

Bluray menu bluray scenes option menu

When watching a full bluray you able to access the menu system by pressing "option" on the remote. A menu will come out where you able to set a number of things, however what you aiming for is the "top menu" or "menu" option. If the bluray is not able to display the menu than you will not see it.

top menu or menu choosing from remote no top menu & menu on this bluray

You also able to change sound or subtitles from this options or remote buttons.

chosing audio from the remote chosing subtitles from the remote

With the bluray menu navigation you able to change it too…

Bluray navigation menu Bluray Sound navigation menu

Also choosing Scenes….

Bluray scene navigation menu

Playback is flawless with passthrough sound……

MKV file full bluray

full bluray MKV


Is a big feature which the device promises. I tried playing my Kungfu Panda 2 full bluray 3D rip however it got to the part warning me that I do not have the right equipment. ie TV

I will try to download a MKV process bluray rip with dual image and see whether it can play on a normal TV.

Ok tried the a 3D SBS MKV on my non-3D TV and AMP.  TV display duo top and bottom picture. Able to turn into left and right by pressing the "menu" button.






The V12 has problems, MP3 or files with certain sound decoding cannot bitstream, folders display instead of list and NFS stuttered but I probably estimate that this to be a firmware or device that hasn’t mature yet. Problems that is probably fixable with a new update of firmware through time.

What I did like was the ease in playing media files. Proper menu system for bluray (for some).  Working subtitles.

I did wish for a even more option like synopsis & subtitles download inside the device like the Popcorn A-300, however that is a US$270 device while the V12 is running around US$130 only. And it does everything the big boys does and than some.

If you already have a HDPRO or V10 maybe you should wait till the firmware get a bit more refine. However if you looking for a new player this is still a good buy if you compare the pricing and other half pass machine out there in the market right now.



+ Bluray Menu (some)

+ Internet streaming sites

+ Andriod OS

+ USB 3.0

+ 3D ?

+ Easy removable HD

+ Side USB port

+ Straight rip subtiles from bluray playable

+ Picture quality has improved

+ personalized  icons for individual files




- Problems with MP3 pass trough sound (bit stream)

- Folders display instead of list.. (not changeable)


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