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Yangxi HDpro media Player review

by on Mar.02, 2010, under Reviews

They just keep on coming. Realtek chips media player is just flooding the market with so many players out there that the choices are endless.

What we as users to do with the endless choices.  To me the decision on buying a realtek processor player will come to this few choices support, support and support. If the company does not have any inkling of coming out with new firmware or the dealer you buy from leaves you hanging after you bought the player than just go look for another.

So here we go again another media player to review.

HDpro Mediaplayer HDpro Sideview


Video output:
Ø HDMI1.3 output,resolutions:480P、576P、720P@50Hz、720P@60Hz、1080I@50Hz、1080I@60Hz、1080P@50Hz,1080P@60Hz
Ø Y/Pb/Pr, resolution:480P、576P、720P@50Hz、720P@60Hz、1080I@50Hz、1080I@60Hz、1080P@50Hz,1080P@60Hz
Ø Composite,resolution;576I@PAL、480I@NTSC
Audio output:
Ø Stereo output
Ø Digital optical output
Ø Coaxial output
Ø USB host *2 ports, connect with various usb device directly.
Outer ports for external SATA HDD or SATA DVD ROM.
USB2.0 SLAVE ports
Ø USB slave *1, connect with computer for data transfer,speed is 480Mb/S.
Network connector:
Ø Network 10/100M support playback via network.
Ø Support USB WIFI dongle,802.11n
Ø Remote control
Ø 40 buttons remote control.
Power on/off control.
Ø Add one more MCU, support remote power on/off directly.
File management:
Ø Support file copy/mark functions.
Video format:
Ø MPEG1/2/4 Elementary (M1V, M2V, M4V)
Ø MPEG2 Transport Stream (TS, TP, TRP, M2T, M2TS, MTS)
Ø Matroska (MKV)
Ø MOV (H.264), MP4, RMP4
Video codec:
Ø MPEG1,VCD1.0/2.0,SVCD(up to 1920*1080@30P/60I or 1280*720@60P)
Ø HD MPEG2 MP/HL,ISO,IFO,VOB,TS(up to 1920*1080@30P/60I or 1280*720@60P)
Ø HD MPEG4 SP/ASP,Xvid(up to 1920*1080@30P/60I or 1280*720@60P)
Ø H.264 BP L3,MP L4.1,HP L4.1 (up to 1920*1080@30P/60I or 1280*720@60P)
Ø WMV9,VC-1 AP L3(up to 1920*1080@30P/60I or 1280*720@60P)
Ø DivX3/4/5(up to 1920*1080@30P/60I or 1280*720@60P)
Ø XVID SD/HD(up to 1920*1080@30P/60I or 1280*720@60P)
Ø RM/RMVB 8/9/10(up to 1280*720@30P)
Audio format:
Ø MPEG audio (MP1, MP2, MP3, MPA)
Audio codec:
Ø MPEGⅠLayer 1/2/3(2-CH),MPEGⅡ1/2(Multi-Channel)
Ø DTS HD Master Aduio,LBR
Ø Dolby Digital Plus
Ø RA1/RA-cook/RA-Lossless
Subtitle format:
Ø MicroDVD [.sub],
Ø SubRip [.srt],
Ø Sub Station Alpha [.ssa],
Ø Sami [.smi]
Ø idx+sub
Ø PGS subtitle
special function
Ø Support playback TS、M2TS without interval;
Ø Support movie preview/book mark/external subtitle can be adjusted;
Ø Support slide show/background music/screen saver
Ø Parental control
Ø BD simple navagation
Ø support time seek function


Casing is in a beautiful silver finish. There is no LCD display in front of the player, but you able to control the player without the remote with touch sensitive buttons in front of the player. Also included a slot for memory cards.

Front Buttons Touch sensitives

Removing all the back screws, you are able to remove the internal components by sliding it out.

After removing screws you can slide out the external casing Casing with internals pull out Back view with fan

This is where you able to add a internal hard drive.

Space for a internal Hard drive Sata cables for internal drive Heatsink can be seen




Standard connections here, only exception is the small USB slave link. A fan is also included to cool down the motherboard or built-in hard drive (optional)


Start Menu

Start menu

What i like here is the tiny icons below on right, telling the user what is available (connected).  Menu access using the remote is fast and responsive. And the added animation screen reduction to another menu is quite slick.

Remote Control 


File Copy


With this menu you can actually copy files from one media to another media without the use of a PC. Deleting the file is also possible.

Browse File

Browse FIle menu

This is where you go to choose the what media files to play from different storage.

Choosing USB exernal Hard drive

Holding the arrow key down or up longer will make the cursor travel through all your media files with ease.  There is no stoppage per page, this is a very good if you have hundreds of files in your hard drive



This part of the HDpro is quite impressive. With a network connection you able to access to most of the media services and bittorent from the internet

Internet services 1 Internet services 2 Internet services 3

Internet radio Youtube



Setup Menu


Audio Screen

Standard fare for Realtek 1073 processors.


Video Screen

Only thing of interest is the Digital Noise Reduction feature. I guess it tries to sharpen picture quality.


Network Connection screen Wireless setup

Warning if no wireless adapter

Here the PPoE setup is quite interesting. That mean you able to link a modem to the network port without a pc and access internet directly.


System Menu System Info

BT and SAMBA option Format Hard drive

Added option of activating BT and SAMBA.  System info also has extra details. Another option for format HDD for internal hard drive.


Misc preview Disable Movie Preview Small screens



The machine is already using the new SDK 3.0 from realtek which promises playable HD sound format. However from testing the SDK 3.0 firmware still need improvement in that the player has problems playing HD sound.

The player is able to play DTS-HD sound, but the amp will not light up with DTS-HD logo, which I suspect the player is down mixing the DTS-HD signal  to Dolby digital to the AMP.

No Blue HD logo Downmix??

True-HD sound is possible for some bluray rips (but very few). True HD will be downmix to Dolby digital and amp will not show trueHD logo. For those that are not detectable a unknown sound format popup will appear if you try to play it.

TRue-HD sound choose  Unknow audio format


Bluray DVD ISO BDMV Playback

On clicking a Bluray BDMV or ISO format a menu will pop requesting on whether you want to “play folder” or  “Browser Folder”. The player will try to pick the best file to play from the Bluray Rip when you choose the “play folder” option. If it gets it wrong you can choose “browse folder” and choose the file manually.

Choosing to play or browse a bluray rip Browse Folder Option Choosen

Choosing a Bluray file manually

Bluray ISO files ran without stuttering however the audio track had major lag. BDMV format played smoothly though.

No bluray menu is activated if you were to press menu or title on the remote or starting a bluray.  Bluray movie starts immediately. Sound (dts,dolby) has to be selected by clicking the audio button on the remote, but HDpro make it easier in that the screen will display what audio you are choosing.

Choosing French Dolby sound


DVD Iso/Directory

DVD playback through ISO also worked perfectly like a normal DVD player, with menu support.

Dvd ISO DVD Menu DVD menu sound options DVD iso track menu listing

For DVD directory rip, you need to choose which is the file to run from when you choose the DVD.


Search Feature

All other search features works without a problem. Hitting the goto button on the remote you are able to do chapter search, time search or title search.

"Goto" Button choice

Hitting the fast forward or rewind button you can move the movie in 2x to maximum of 32x speeds. After firmware update problems with hitting the forward button or rewind button was possible Bluray ISO/BDMV format.



Subtitles English for subtitles

Subtitle button on the remote will bring you to this screen. Pressing multiple times you are able to choose which language.


Firmware Update

Place the firmware in the a USB key or card and activate system update from menu.

System update System Update




Choosing a network share entering userid or password entering pc share editing network share shortcuts

Hitting the net icon in the browser you able to enter directory of network you have set. Here realtek has got it right in introducing a keyboard which you can control using the remote to enter password and userid to the shares you created in your nas or windows pc.


Playing high bitrate media files (around 9000Kbps and above) from network will cause major stuttering. This is quite weird since sometimes the network speed indicator is able to reach 23000kbits but it does drop to a low 5000k too. Could be the network port is unstable??


File formats

The player was able able to play almost every file under the sun without any problems. Best of them all it can detect and play .FLV format files.

FLV detected FLV file being played - YOUtube HD downloaded Mp4 file playback Flac music file Playback

Flac music files played without problem.


Picture Quality

DVD Bluray HDTV Bluray

Picture quality is up there with all realtek processors, details color and clarity is very nice to look at.




Firmware I tested was version HDPRO_020310_RC

The player finishing and look makes the player out to be a expensive machine. It does look good in the day and night and will certainly complement your Media table. A internal hard drive option is a added plus. Network access work to a certain extend with ease. And playing every kind of media format files was simply brilliant.

Major faults for the player would be Bluray ISO (lag), high bitrate network playback and HD sounds.

HDpro has quite a aggressive firmware released policy from what i have seen. Hopefully because of the new Realtek 3.0 SDk software Companies are just now fine tuning their firmware for a proper roll out.

Another machine which I again can say because of its pricing will turn some prospective buyers to it and if there’s a new firmware that comes to fix some of the problems the player might turn out to be very good deal. As I look at it some of the machine faults is livable and I did have a great time running the machine so I am going to say a Recommended buy.

More pics:

20100302-DSC_0332 20100302-DSC_0382

20100302-DSC_0357 20100302-DSC_0427

20100302-DSC_0393 20100302-DSC_0395

20100303-IMG_0911 20100303-DSC_0478


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