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Review: HDX BD-1, Best in it’s Class ? Part 1

by on Feb.02, 2010, under Reviews

HDX BD-1, Dvico 6500A, A.C. Ryan POHD

 Do we have a new champion to dethrone the Dvico 6500A? A new champion has to play all Bluray rips, either ISO or BDMV without problems, Network playback without stuttering,among other simple things totally seamless playback of MKV and AVIs and all this for a affordable package to boot.  To many wannabe kings has been release and none have yet shown any potential yet to make me want to dump my DVICO 6500A.                (continue reading…)

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Preview: HDX BD-1 Part 2

by on Jan.29, 2010, under Preview

Test done on Firmware 4.6


Bluray RIP ISO format for BD-1 Causing stuttering. Might have narrow down the problem to ISO file with high bit rates, around 30 Mbp and above,

Ok how did i deduce that its the bit rate causing problem..
my robbie williams iso bluray, opening the infomation screen while playing to monitor the bit rate, in the whole iconcert it does not cross above 30 Mbp..
this ISO does not have problem at all…

while the others blurays ISO format with HIGH Bit rates..
the minute it cross the threshold, stuttering…

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Preview: HDX-BD1 Part 1

by on Jan.27, 2010, under Preview

alright straight to the point…

the hdx bd1 can play and read a bluray disc.. however cannot escape the protection in the original disc..

jack sparrow (pirated) bluray disc should be ok …

bd-iso play without problem .. however my kingdom of heaven iso had problem at chapter 60.. a lot of stuttering..and my denon true-hd logo was going bonkers… the other titles played without a hitch

bluray bdmv folder format played without any problems

bluray menus displayed without any problems

truehd audio data had no problem bitstreaming…


networking .. but that might need more time tweaking…


HDX-BD1 connected to a bluray drive.. (liteon)

(continue reading…)

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