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FirmWare Update: Tvix M-6500/7000 1.5.11

by on Nov.15, 2009, under News

Dvico today announced a new update for the earlier models M-6500 and M-7000 players. The firmware supposed to bring better EXIF information for images and reimplemented the old 200*200 image icon size amongst a plethora of other changes… Download included, this is the full change list…

Link for download…
Changes from 1.5.10
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DviCo 6500a/7000: Firmware 1.3.168 (BDLite Edition)

by on Aug.10, 2009, under News

Official DviCo : Firmware 1.3.168 (BDLite Edition)

Official DviCo: Firmware 1.3.168 (BDLite Edition)
We are releasing a new firmware with small updates and bug fix. If we don’t find any critical issue, we will release a public beta in coming week. Link for download:

TViX HD M-6500 1.3.168(UJuckbox) Release note
1) Audio
• Can turn off the new audio playlist function in setup
• During the slide show through UPnP, it supports playing background songs which exist with the name of ¡®automp3¡¯ folder on local HDD, Network or USB.
• UI improvement : added a icon to display the shuffle(random) and repeat status during playing audio.
• Some bugs were fixed
o When pressing Audio key on the remote, jump to Audio folder If there no Audio/Playlist folder.
o Can save the playlist to the network folder when playing audiothrough network.
o When the repeat audio is on , pressing next key on the remote makes repeat mode off it has been fixed…
o When playing internet radio Just after booting, no sound problem through HDMI was fixed
2) Network
• The issue of pressing ¡®5¡¯ key on the remote in setup for network was fixed.
o Can send two connection simultaneously for FTP (tested by FileZillar ftp client)
o UI improvement : added ¡®Wait¡¯ OSD when setting network, which it takes long time.
Other issues are similar to 1.3.158

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Dvico 6500a/7000 accessing Upnp media servers

by on Jul.20, 2009, under News

After upgrade to new beta firmware 1.3.150, which added Upnp media servers access, i tried the dvico on my network. My network has a Windows Home Server more for files, music and photos.  Anyway its was a real joy to see it work almost as advertised.  Included is a video of my test.

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Dvico 6500a/7000 Firmware 1.3.150 (BDLite Edition)

by on Jul.18, 2009, under News

That was fast another beta firmware to try out.

Update after installation of firmware last night.

1. firmware screwed with usb connection .. very hard to detect external hard drives

2. bookmark doesn’t work

3. Cool feature media server detection .. going to add to test it out with the dvico

DOWNLOAD 1.3.150

%TViX HD M-6500 1.3.150(UJukebox) Release Note
1) UPnP feature
- UPnP media server can be detected on pressing “Media Server” button
- UPnP may support high bitrate contents which cannot be supported by NFS
- Internet Radio can be supported if it is proxied or linked through UPnP server.
This was tested through Twonky Media server and TVersity server

** Issues on UPnP **
- Audio Playlist, Icon view and Thumbnail view are not supported
- Background music is not supported while playing slideshow
- Some internet radio may not be supported
- Repeat all and shuffle are not working
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Dvico 6500/7000 Firmware 1.3.148 (BDLite Edition)

by on Jul.14, 2009, under News

Firmware 1.3.148 (BDLite Edition)

DOWNLOAD 1.3.148

Changes from 1.3.129 TViX HD M-6500 1.3.147/1.3.148(UJuckbox) Release note audio playlist Manual

1) Added the Audio playlist function (* Please download the
detailed guide for the audio playlist function)
- Select multiple songs that you want to listen and save them
as a playlist conveniently (to be saved in Audio/Playlist folder)
- When pressing ¡®Audio¡¯ key on the remote, it will move to the
Audio/Playlist folder automatically
- Listen to music without TV or display
¡¤ When setting Autorun in setup, the first playlist in the
Audio/Playlist folder will be played automatically unless there is
¡°autorun¡± folder.

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